FlyDBQ Rewards Program

The Dubuque Regional Airport announces the FlyDBQ Rewards Program The FlyDBQ Rewards program is the Airport’s way of thanking travelers for flying Dubuque. When flying out of DBQ, travelers already enjoy the perks and amenities, such as free wireless internet, short security lines and a restaurant onsite. In addition, travelers will now be able to save on the finest Dubuque and the Tri-State Area has to offer by visiting our FlyDBQ Rewards program partners and take advantage of savings. It’s simple really, the more you travel out of Dubuque, the higher your savings will be.

By signing up on our website at, each traveler will automatically be mailed a FlyDBQ Rewards proximity card within a few days. On your next trip after passing through the security screening checkpoint, there will be a proximity reader on the wall. Travelers pass by the proximity reader with their proximity card and that’s it. The proximity reader automatically reads their proximity card and updates their trip counts. It’s convenient and no hassle, just like flying out of Dubuque. If you missed swiping your card or had to make alternative trip plans due to cancellation of flight out of DBQ, please contact Karin Spisak at

Travelers will be able to download their FlyDBQ Passport coupons by signing in and printing them out at home, no more waiting to receive a packet in the mail. There are still 4 Reward Categories for the FlyDBQ Rewards Program:

Please note this is a yearly program. All flights for the FlyDBQ Rewards program are recorded on members accounts from January 1 - December 31 the current year. On January 1, the following year, all flights will be removed from your account and the program starts over.

Green Coupons 0 – 5 trips out of DBQ per calendar year (coupon amount range in value from $7 - $50)
Yellow Coupons 6 – 9 trips out of DBQ per calendar year (coupon amount range in value from $14 - $100)
Red Coupons 10 – 19 trips out of DBQ per calendar year (coupon amount range in value from $21 - $250)
Platinum Coupons – 20+ trips out of DBQ per calendar year (coupon amount range in value from $500+)

To print coupons from home

Click on FlyDBQ Rewards program
Click on Already a Member, log in here
Log In
Click on View Items in My Reward Category (This gives a list of Rewards available to you)
Click on coupon you wish to use **NOTE, you will only get one chance to print out coupon**
Take coupon and use at local business
If you have a problem printing your coupon, please contact Karin Spisak at

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