How can I check if my flight is delayed? What should I do if delayed/canceled?

You can always check flight status on the American Airlines app or American Airlines.

If flight is delayed - still proceed to the airport if not already there.  American Airlines gate agents will keep travelers up to date with information as they receive it.

We know that delays and cancellations can happen in travel.  For such an event, the following information may help:

Remain calm, be polite but persistent

Stay in secured area - don’t go passed TSA checkpoint if you can help it.  Talk to a gate agent.

Find an AA gate agent – doesn’t have to be your gate – but not the ticket counter unless that’s your only option for rebooking

If line is long while waiting to rebook for AA gate agent – call American Airlines at 800-433-7300 and ask for reservations, then existing reservations– sometimes this is quicker than standing in line.

See what options are available to you if flight is canceled.

Can you be booked on next flight to your destination?

If next flight is available, but not until the next day – ask the agent for a list of displaced traveler hotels in the area.  Usually they will give a discount, but verify there is an airport shuttle.

You can always check surrounding airports as well.

You can rebook your flight at the American Airlines rebooking kiosks on the app, or near gate K10 at O’Hare.

If you are in the military – O’Hare Airport does have a USO located in Terminal 2 open 24 hours a day.

If you have checked luggage, see if it will get transferred to next flight or if you have to pick up from baggage claim.

If you choose to drive or leave the airport and not make another flight – make sure to make a baggage claim with the gate agent prior to leaving the airport.  They will do two things, they may be able to have your luggage brought to baggage claim carousel or they will put your luggage on the next available flight to your final destination.

Sometimes there may be a bus scheduled from Dubuque to O’Hare and from O’Hare to Dubuque – double check with a gate agent or if you are being called from American with a cancellation or you can look online at under flight status, if you see a flight number such as Flight #9000 that is generally a bus and you can ask if you can be put on the bus.

Helpful websites:    

Helpful phone numbers:

American Airlines – 800-433-7300

Avis Rental Car – 800 - 633-3469

DBQ Avis 563-556-0657

O’Hare Avis – 888-849-0271 

O'Hare Enterprise Rental Car – 847-928-3320

DBQ Enterprise – 563-583-8000 (off airport but does have 2 parking spots at DBQ)

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