Legislative Priorities

Federal Legislative Priorities

Infrastructure Bill

Bipartisan transformational infrastructure to expand high speed internet access, to assist with roads, bridges and airports. 

Airport Improvement Program

Fully fund the AIP program and calculate grants based on CY19 enplanements rather than CY20

Passenger Facility Charge

Adjust outdated cap on PFC funding and allow these funds to be used for revenue generating areas

Essential Air Service

Full funding levels and elimination of Public Law No. 112-95 restrictions on airport eligibility to participate

Federal Contract Air Traffic Control Tower

Approve full levels of funding for the FC-ATCT program in FY21 DOT spending bill

PFOAS/PFAS - Aqueous Film Forming Foam

Introduce liability legislation that holds airports harmless for present and past use of products mandated by FAA.  Provide funding for proper disposal of AFFF products manufactured with PFAS once an alternative is approved by FAA.

Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDG)

USDOT Small Community Air Service Development Program is a grant program designed to help small communities address air service and airfare issues by increasing competition and improving community connectivity.  Special emphasis should be placed on assisting communities that had air service reduced or eliminated during the pandemic.

Airport Improvement Program - AIP