Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) & Drones

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) is growing rapidly. The need for information resources involving UAS is high as the industry continues to evolve.

About Drones

Drones, or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), represent the future for aviation in so many different ways, from their ability to create incredible aerial photography, to their potential to change the way packages are delivered, to functioning as reconnaissance aircraft in disaster areas deemed unsafe for humans. Of course, drones can also be just plain fun to fly too. Because owning even the tiniest drone may well represent the first time many of you have flown anything, it’s important to understand that once your drone leaves the ground, it’s entering airspace often occupied by other aircraft, not to mention other drones.

Orange Drone

Fly Zones

No Drone Fly Zone within 5 mile radius of Dubuque Regional Airport.

UAS/drone operators flying from locations - even your backyard - near an airport must pay special attention to the fact that their machines could pose a safety threat to nearby manned aircraft.

When you fly a drone, it is your responsibility to understand and abide by the rules.

DBQ Airport has updated UAS Drone Altitudes to use when filing a flight plan.  

UAS Drone Altitudes for DBQ - click here

Please still contact DBQ Airport Operations at (563) 589-4236 if you will be flying in the area.

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Whether just flying for fun or for business, there are rules, registration, licensing and regulations to follow.

Follow rules, regulations and  register your drone (UAS) at the Federal Aviation Administration website.

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AOPA Website
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Federal Aviation Administration Website